Our Services

“We serve as the ongoing liaison
between your Company and
investors, allowing you time to
 focus on the bigger picture.”

Our Scope of Services

At Capital Front, we maintain clear communication channels between companies and investors. By serving that function, we are an integral part in helping your company move forward by formulating a personalised and effective IR Programme that will take your company to the PEAK.

IR Advisory Management Consulting

Formulating a blue print for Investor Relations, including strategy, milestone, target audience, rationale and purpose.
Reviewing of industry peers and positioning strategies.
Determining the most compelling investment thesis for your company.
Managing expectations of all investors within the disclosure guidelines.
Assessing likely investor reactions to corporate initiatives.
Communicating material corporate events such as earnings, acquisitions, strategic partnerships, etc.
Managing any communications crisis that may develop.

IR Infrastructure

Investor Kits | Development of a new corporate profile and factsheet.

E-mail lists | Establishment of a blast e-mail database focused on buy-side and sell-side members of the investment community and a select list of financial media.

Website | Assist to update the investor relations component of your website and to coordinate the production of special information pieces of the IR web page as needed.

Financial Community Targeting & Marketing

Our proactive relationship building effort is a major factor behind our ability to convert initial interest in a company into tangible results. This will result in our identifying new shareholders for your company, as well as potential new analyst coverage.

Pre-qualified Audience | We will develop a target list of sell-side analysts and buy-side fund managers that will become the focus of our relations effort.

Small Group and One-On-One Presentations | We will arrange for management to personally interface with pre-qualified sell-side and buy-side targets on a regular basis. After the meeting we will follow up to determine actions to be taken or any issues that need to be addressed. We will also market corporate developments and media coverage to the target list.

Institutional and Retail Investor Conferences | We will identify potential conferences that might be open to a presentation by your Company, and will pursue invitations. We will consider strategies to maximize the retails market’s interest in your Company, including financial advertising, participating in retail oriented conferences and presentations to local broker groups.

Corporate Communications

Press Releases | We will assist in drafting press releases form an investor perspective and manage the press release dissemination process to the financial media.

Press Conference |
We will organize and manage venue arrangements and coordinate with third party suppliers for additional requirements such as audio, visual etc. We will also manage media invitations and media registrations.

Preparation and Guidance |
We will guide and prepare your Company’s spokeperson(s) /senior management prior to meeting with the press or investing community. We will also develop potential Q&A for management’s consideration in preparation for any press conference and press interviews.

Annual Report | We will draft the Chairman’s statement and advise on any other investor relations materials in the annual report.

Research & Analysis | An important part of any investor relations effort is to know the developments of your peers and their potential impact on your Company. We will monitor your stock activity, as well as that of the peer group, and we will poll the financial community to determine current attitudes towards your Company on a regular basis. Furthermore, We will monitor the major news services to get market intelligence. Appropriate action would be recommended based on our findings.