Our Programme

"Efforts that are measurable.
People who are accountable.
It’s an approach that delivers real
results, aligned with your
Company’s goals."

Transparency is the Best Policy

A comprehensive investor relations programme will ensure that the strategies and rationale behind corporate decisions are clearly explained to develop a more supportive base of professional investors.

Building the Right Foundation

As your company embarks on an expanded investor awareness programme, a consistent and proactive investor relations programme can solidify the long term credibility of your Company.

Strengthen Your Impression

With the numerous investment alternatives that are currently available to institutional and retail investors, a direct and concerted effort must be undetaken to keep the attention of the entire financial community and establish a continuous following of your Company.

Our Investor Relations Programme Include:

Development of the Corporate Story | Define key messages, highlighting future prospects, growth strategies and industry drivers.

Broadening Relationships
| Build relationships with influential analysts, strategic investors and key business media.

Follow-up with News Flow
| Continuous news flow to reinforce your Company's achievements.

Expected outcome from our Investor Relations Programme

Increased Corporate Awareness

Continuous Coverage by Media

Continuous Coverage by Analyst

Falls into Fund Manager's Radar Screen

Interest in Company's Equity

Value Realisation